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The Impact of Technology and Screen Time on Dry Eye

People’s screen time has increased worldwide. After the pandemic, people were forced to shift to a digital lifestyle, with adults working from home and students switching to online classes. Those stuck at home alone can only communicate with family and friends virtually. This increase in digital use also drastically affects everyone’s health.

Eyeglasses for Children: How to Choose the Right Pair

The American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus finds it crucial for a child to get the right pair of eyeglasses if needed. Eyeglasses that do not fit well or have the wrong prescription can bring about more eye problems. Working with your kid’s eye doctor can give your child better vision. Here are some pointers for choosing the right pair of eyeglasses for your child.

Dry Eye Syndrome: Common Causes and Symptoms

Dry eye syndrome is a condition that occurs when your eyes do not produce sufficient...

Frequently Asked Questions About Neurolens® 

Neurolens® treatment can help reduce the symptoms of eyestrain, such as headaches, eye fatigue, dry eye, and light sensitivity. The specialized lenses use contoured prism technology to correct eye misalignment issues. They are made from high-quality lens materials, are the most customizable lens on the market, and can be made with most prescriptions. The lens can be used to help alleviate double vision and improve reading efficiency. 

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